Collaboration agreement between EGI and WLCG

EGI (European Initiative for Grid Computing) and WLCG (Wold-wide LHC Computing Grid) sign a Memorandum of understanding

EGI (European Grid Initiative) and WLCG (Worldwide LHC Computing Grid) have signed a Memorandum Of Understanding on 24th January. This document formalizes the collaboration between EGI and Particle Physics Comunitywhich historically has been on the worldwide core of creation and development of GRID technologies.


WLCG is a global collaboration linking the GRID computing infrastructures of the research institutes participating in LHC data analysis.

IFCA is playing an key role, both as resource provider for CMS experiment data analysis and as coordinator of the Spanish participation on EGI, extending the usage to other scientific applications.


This MoU provides a working environment to maitain and develop the LHC distributed computing infrastructure to support the LHC data analysis in the upcoming 20 years.



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