Supercomputing services

IFCA has an international level experience in supercomputing techniques: grid distributed computing, parallel computing using MPI, integration with parallel storing systems like GPFS, clusters managing, local area network and 10 Gb WAN use, huge database use ans setup, and virtualization.

On one hand, the installed infrastructure of the IFCA data center contains a cluster with more than 1,500 cores with Infiniband connection and a high performance storing system with more than 900 Tb, with its own full-custom software that allows interactive supercomputing.

On the other hand, IFCA has an outstanding participation in the most relevant national and international initiatives in this field. The integration of the IFCA in the Spanish Supercomputing Network and in the European Grid Infrastructure grants access to a great amount of available resources for applications ranging from supercomputers to big interconnected cluster networks.

But our biggest asset is the IFCA team that works in this knowledge area.  It is composed by senior researchers with experience in consultancy and project management and by outstanding junior staff with a deep knowledge in system management and in software development and integration.  This team habitually collaborates in projects with international reference centers and also participates in local, national and european projects supporting national companies, especially SMEs.  

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El Instituto de Física de Cantabria es un Centro Mixto del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas y de la Universidad de Cantabria.

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