This facility, commonly used in microelectronics manufacturing and or scientific research, is able to maintain a low level of environmental pollutants like dust.

The room has a surface area of 30 square meters and it is pressurized at +30 Pa. It has an access room of 6 square meters pressurized at +15 Pa.  According to ISO 14644, the cleanroom is class 5.5 and the access room is class 8.

The air-conditioning gives a constant flow of 4,700 cubic meters per hour, temperature variation between 18 and 25 ºC and relative humidity between 50% and 70%. 

The closure is made by phenolic resin and the floor is made with antistatic PVC electrically grounded.  A number of particles real-time display assures continuous monitoring of air quality.

Instituto de Física de Cantabria
Edificio Juan Jordá
Avenida de los Castros, s/n
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Cantabria, España

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El Instituto de Física de Cantabria es un Centro Mixto del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas y de la Universidad de Cantabria.

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