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I am a Tenured Scientist (PCD-I3) researcher at the Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria (IFCA), and I belong to the Observational Cosmology and Instrumentation Group within the Astrophysics Department.

My research field is cosmology. More precisely, I work on the study of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), including, mainly, the component separation problem, non-Gaussianity and anisotropy studies, and the determination of cosmological parameters. I also work on the joint analysis of the large scale structure of the universe (LSS). I'm also very much interested on the application of novel data analysis tools and image processing techniques to the study of cosmological data sets. In particular, I have participated on some pioneering application of wavelet-based methods to CMB and LSS data.

I am a member of the Planck collaboration. A satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) that was launched in May 2009. Planck will measured the CMB fluctuations at arcminute resolution and tens of microkelvin sensitivity. My major interests in Planck are related to non-Gaussianity analysis, the integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect and the component separation problem (specially focused in the recovery of the CMB, the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect and the point sources).

I am also a member of the QUIJOTE experiment. It is a ground-base experiment devoted to measure the polarization of the CMB. My interests on QUIJOTE cover different aspects of data analysis: from component separation to cosmological parameter estimation, including issues like the E/B decomposition.

I participate on the J-PAS project, aiming to survey a large fraction of the sky. Among other obejectives, this experiment pursuit cataloguing a very large number of galaxies, which would help very much to put string constraints of the parameters defining the evolution and accelerated expansion of the universe.

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